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Why We Love the LotusGrill
The Lotus Grill can be summed up in three words: efficient, user-friendly, and safe. This is a result of good design and smart engineering. 
It’s a lightweight, portable charcoal barbecue that takes just 4 minutes to light up, as opposed to the standard 10. 
It does this with the assistance of a battery-operated fan that blows air directly onto the charcoal and circulates that heat through the grill. 
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We blog about anything to do with Barbecues, BBQ Grills, cooking methods, and outdoor lifestyle choices. We love BBQing so much that we decided to share our experience and knowledge and ask similar-minded BBQ fanatics to develop the journey and joys of barbequing by creating blogs on BBQ & Grilling. It t could be about recipes, equipment, cooking methods, styles, large Cookers, or Portable BBQ Grills. These contributors and partners I call friends of TANZ or TANZ Pals. 
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From the back of a horse."
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The Grill Bible Smoker Cookbook 2023.
1200 Days of Tender & Juicy Bbq Recipes to Surprise Your Guests | Discover the Ultimate Texas Brisket Secrets and Become an Award-Winning Pitmaster

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